EMI Filter

EMI Filter

Filter modules are created to reduce the common-mode and differential-mode noise on input or output lines of high-frequency switching power supplies, with the industry standard footprint. With just one module, we save the trouble for the customers for meeting the EMI requirements of applications.

EMI Filter - PCB Mount

Model Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Features Dimensions (Inch)
    FM05D 5A 200V Input 200V Maximum 2.28x1.45x0.50
    FM10D 10A 200V Input 200V Maximum 2.28x2.40x0.97
    FM10/20 10-20A 75V Input 75V Maximum 2.00x1.00x0.46
    FM30R 30A 80V Input 80V Maximum 2.28x1.45x0.50

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