6.6-10Watts 4:1 Input Range DIP-16 Isolated DC-DC Converter

EC5DAW 6.6-10Watts 4:1 Input Range DIP-16 Isolated DC-DC Converter

Efficiency Up to 89%

Fixed Switching Frequency

Regulated Outputs

Negative Remote On/Off

3000Vdc I/O Isolation

Continuous Short Circuit Protection

Safety Meets IEC/EN/UL 62368-1

Shock & Vibration MIL-STD-810F Compliant

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Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current No load Input Current Efficiency (%) I/O Isolation Voltage
NEW EC5DAW-24S33N 9~36V 3.3V 2A 6mA 80.5 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-24S05N 9~36V 5V 2A 6mA 84 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-24S12N 9~36V 12V 0.833A 6mA 88.5 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-24S15N 9~36V 15V 0.666A 6mA 89 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-24D12N 9~36V ±12V ±0.417A 7mA 88.5 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-24D15N 9~36V ±15V ±0.333A 7mA 88 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-48S33N 18~74V 3.3V 2A 6mA 79.5 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-48S05N 18~74V 5V 2A 6mA 84 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-48S12N 18~74V 12V 0.833A 6mA 87.5 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-48S15N 18~74V 15V 0.666A 6mA 88 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-48D12N 18~74V ±12V ±0.417A 6mA 87 3000VDC
NEW EC5DAW-48D15N 18~74V ±15V ±0.333A 6mA 87.5 3000VDC

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